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Say goodbye to
many difficult stains

Shemu soap & detergent products intended to engage in recreation
on your daily lives By safely and effectively removing soils,
germs and other contaminants, they help you to stay healthy,
care for your homes and possessions, and make your
surroundings more pleasant.

Don't let your colors cloths fade

Amazingly our products are suitable for all kind of colored clothes.
Its bleach-free formula helps reduce fading andleaving
your colored clothes looking fabulous, smelling fresh, and feeling soft

Sick of turning your clothes grey or pink?

Shemu Detergent And Bar Soap gives you brilliant results even under tough conditions.
It leaves your wash brilliantly clean and your whites bright.
From heavy winter woollies to lighter summer clothes,
you can rely on looking and smelling fresh.
Whether you’re washing a great pile of whites, or a tiny load of garments,
you can measure out the right amount of products you need for your wash.
Multi Purpose Cleaner In New Shemu product
Our new Shemu detergent Multi-Purpose Cleaner is powerful, lasts longer
and smells great! That explains why its cleaning effect is superior, deodorizes
better. Best of all its more affordable due to our factory direct
distribution. made in Ethiopia!
Use Shemu detergent  Multi-Purpose Cleaner :
Tiles Floors Kitchens Walls Blinds Automobiles Bathrooms
Garbage Cans Will get rid of strong odors FAST! Cuts
through grease, deodorizes, kills germs and removes soap
scum in seconds.
® Shemu Soap & Detergent Industry